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Raised Flooring

Raised Flooring By Flooring Dubai


Want to add an edge to your monotonous interiors? Well, most of us have undoubtedly gone across one of the several raised floor systems, also known as access floors, without even realizing it. An elevated structural floor with panels placed over a grid of movable vertical pedestals is considered a raised floor system. The idea of a raised floor has been around since the 1970s, and in recent years, several tech-oriented businesses have switched over.


Raised Flooring

What is Raised Flooring?


A raised access consists of floor pedestal-supported panels that create a compartment beneath the floor for storing servers, wiring, and other items. Many commercial spaces use raised flooring since it makes it easier to run cables, cabling, and HVAC ducts and assists in effective temperature control of buildings.


Raised Flooring

Why Install Raised Flooring From Flooring Dubai?

Our Raised floors provide a great deal of convenience and versatility. You can carry out wiring upgrades, alterations, and maintenance without demolition and construction work at your property. Additionally, technicians can remove our raised flooring and panels if you intend to use them for short-term access. Here are some other reasons why raised flooring from Flooring Dubai can bring charm to your interiors.

  • Hides the wires from the view.

Nothing is more of an eyesore than an office with cords and wires flowing everywhere. There is plenty of room beneath the tiles in a raised access flooring system to hold all those unattractive pieces of technology.

Your room will always look tidy and organized if you keep them arranged under the floor. When the cables disappear, the aesthetic appeal of any office area with a high-tech volume improves immediately.

  • Easy to modify and repair.

Replacing a broken or damaged tile is significantly simpler than replacing a standard floor. If something goes wrong or a piece of flooring is broken, the entire thing will probably need fixing, or a section will need to be torn up and replaced, which can cost money and cause an inconvenience. You can quickly change a tile without completely redoing the room with raised flooring solutions.

  • Prevents equipment from overheating

The raised flooring enables floor-level air conditioning in the room. The design allows the air to travel more effectively, cooling the area more quickly and using less energy over the long term.

Cool air can be channeled to flow above the tiles or below to avoid overheating the servers or any other electronics stored below the floor system.

  • Countless Design Options

The raised flooring system’s availability in several finishes ensures that you can always create the desired look, possibly one of its best features.

We have several options available to fit everyone’s demands and aesthetic preferences, whether PVC, wood, granite, or porcelain. So, forget to give up your aesthetics and get the interiors of your dreams.


Things To Keep In Mind Before Opting For Raised Floors

If you believe raised flooring is appropriate for your construction project, there might be some factors to consider. Think about the subfloor, grounding the access floor, door thresholds, and access floor safety regulations. A crucial factor is a load-bearing standard. These inquiries will aid your system planning and make the installation process safer, quicker, and simpler. The interaction between raised floors and door thresholds is something to consider.

  • What requirements must the subfloor of your choice meet? 
  • Consider whether it needs to be sealed and whether contamination will be moist or dry. What degree of structural integrity is necessary? Alkalinity, wetness, and tamp finish level are further considerations.
  • What are the specific local circumstances necessary to ground the access floor? 
  • Which kinds of safety regulations are necessary for access floors? Will you need to prepare a fire suppression system?

Amplify Your Living Space With Raised Floorings From Flooring Dubai

Both residential and business buildings can significantly benefit from raised flooring systems. The flooring solution aids in maintenance, upgrades, repairs, and heating and cooling. Raised floors with perforated tiling are advantageous for data centers and other buildings with specialized cooling requirements. Floors can be elevated slightly or dramatically depending on the client’s preference, and compatibility with several flooring options gives architectural versatility. 

Flooring Dubai is committed to finding one-of-a-kind solutions that ease the move to better standards for progressive businesses. Our pedestal systems make any installation of raised flooring easy and reliable. Get in touch with us today to know your options. 


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