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Floor Polishing

Floor polishing


Flooring is essential to protect the concrete surface against various impacts. In addition, they are an integral part of interior designs that add aesthetic value to your space and lift the ambiance. Many floorings materials, such as marble, wood, and PVC, are common. Most of them are glossy and bright during installation but become dull, appear gloomy with time, and need treatment. We offer the best floor polishing services across a variety of types of floors.


Floor Polishing

What is floor polishing?


It is a method of rejuvenating the surface of floors bringing back the original luster of the floor material. Traditionally, polishers used different scrubs to remove the dirt and stain and bring out the hidden surface. Now, electrical polishers grind the surface of the floors using discs made of stones or metals. Essentially, it removes a thin layer of your flooring and unveils an inner layer devoid of dirt.

Alternatively, some floors, such as wooden floors, need a thorough cleaning followed by laying a layer of a transparent, sticky, jelly-like substance called a polishing agent. Some floorings are also compatible with wax. However, wax is less-durable than polishing agents.  

Benefits of floor polishing

  • Floor polishing brings out the shiny surface removing stains resistant to harsh chemical cleaning agents.
  • Improve the ambiance and hence lifts the environment in commercial or office spaces.
  • Increases the durability of floorings by removing dirt that reacts with floor material and penetrates deeper.
  • Avoid scuff formation and spreading of diseases through infections.
Floor Polishing

Wooden floor polishing

Though wooden floors are hard as a rock, they are susceptible to scratches and dents. These are unavoidable due to certain activities, such as walking over the floor with soles or high heels, pets, and moving furniture. Hence, wooden floor polishing to remove grime and even imperfections is necessary once in about six months or one year.

Renovating the surface of wooden floors needs meticulous planning and a choice of polishing materials. We hire the best woodwork professionals who refinish your wooden floors perfectly. We also use the best polishing materials giving gold-standard refinishing.


Stone or marble floor polishing

Floors made of marble or other stones do not need coatings but harsh cleaning procedures using polishers. It involves applying cleaning agents containing abrasives and grinding the surface. The polishers have discs made of metals or stones that rotate at speeds up to 2000 revolutions per minute. It removes the minute particles between the surface of the floor and the disc.

The abrasives facilitate the removal of minute particles avoiding the chipping of large pieces leaving an uneven surface, and imparting smoothness. We use deionized water and neutral washing agents to remove stubborn grime, preventing the loss of gloss. Further, we give multiple washes before and after the polishing procedure making it more efficient.


Why choose us?

Floorings Dubai is one of the most reputed suppliers and service providers of flooring solutions, including carpets, rugs, flooring mats, and skirting. Our flooring catalog includes marble, PVC, rubber, vinyl, laminate, parquet, and wooden. What makes us the best are

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Our team comprises expert engineers and skilled laborers that are excellent at finding the best solutions for various flooring problems. You can consult them with no obligations and share the issues concerning your floor finishings. They guide you through the most suitable service and product and provide affordable quotes based on your requirements.

We do everything.

Once you choose our service, our operations team fixes the floor polishing as early as you require and plan it at your convenience. Throughout the process, they will update you on the work status. You can contact us anytime regarding the ongoing service and make changes.

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