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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring – Exclusive Sale

One of the most crucial—yet frequently undervalued—aspects of any home, commercial, or industrial environment is the floors.  

The flooring not only improves the beauty of your room but also ensures your safety and makes everyday tasks more productive. As a result, you must pick a flooring alternative that can withstand the disturbance of your space’s regular use. One of the most common forms of flooring is epoxy flooring.

Epoxy floor coatings are extensively used in commercial and industrial floors. Epoxy coatings are often applied over concrete floors to ensure a high, smooth, and durable surface that can support heavy loads and endure for many years. Industrial settings, warehouses, and commercial buildings frequently employ epoxy flooring to ensure sanitary and secure conditions for staff, equipment, and stock.

What is epoxy flooring?

Epoxy is a polymer of epoxides that is used to make adhesives, paints, plastics, and other materials. Coatings made of two components, or a combination of two separate compounds, known as “resin,” are referred to as “epoxy” coatings. Thus, epoxy is categorised as a copolymer. Resin is made up chemically of short chain polymers with an epoxide group at their end

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is most commonly described as a layer composed of various complexities of epoxy applied to a flooring with a minimum of 2 thickness. When contrasting an epoxy floor with an epoxy floor coating, confusion frequently results.   Epoxy floor coating is the typical name for any epoxy floor that is  less than two millimetres thick.

Is epoxy flooring long-lasting?

 In actuality, it is more durable and lasts a lot longer than a typical flooring system. Epoxy flooring is superior to concrete because it is more durable and does not chip or crack as quickly. You won’t have to be concerned about damaging your flooring every time you drop a blade or something else as a result. Additionally, epoxy flooring Sunshine Coast coatings can tolerate the majority of stains.

What are the benefits of epoxy flooring?


Epoxy is an environmentally friendly alternative despite being a chemical compound because it uses fewer resources and does not require constant replacement.  The environmental benefits from the reduction in supplies and apparatus required for other floor projects, which call for machinery such as saws for cutting wood or tiles When compared to other flooring options, epoxy just needs a small amount of equipment to be rolled out. Large volumes of materials are not used as frequently since epoxy floor finish lasts so long.

Epoxy Flooring

Visibility and safety

 Conference rooms and garage with epoxy floor coating installed provide clear insight. Epoxy provides your space with one additional safety step by reflecting light to highlight the entire space. The majority of epoxy options have a glossy quality that gives an exquisite appearance and can safeguard you by enhancing the quantity of light inside a space. Other safety features for epoxy include anti-slip mixtures and traction in some epoxies. Your epoxy flooring can become more stable with the addition of additives, decreasing the likelihood of falls. For various grip effects that will change the epoxy’s slippery surface, polymer grit, mortar, aluminium oxide, gravel, or sand can be used.

Simple Maintenance

Epoxy has a further benefit in that it is easy to maintain. The number of dust & cement particles that are released over to another surface in your home or garage is decreased by covering the concrete. Epoxy’s smooth and resilient surface is simple to clean and maintain, unlike plain concrete, which is rough but brittle. When the principal source of leftover concrete is confined, dust is less of a bother.

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