Parquet flooring

What do we need to know about Parquet Flooring?

When one owns a house or wants to renovate, your flooring is the first and most important part of your interior which should be given first attention. Right selection from the right place will increase the beauty of your home. There are distinctive varieties of flooring, parquet flooring is the best option to choose for your interior. It serves best to your flooring and directly influences the beauty of our interior. It is a wonderful way to improve the look of your space, be it your home or workplace. Be it the remodeling of a space, a stylish look, or an easy maintenance, parquet flooring covers it all. There are a wide variety of parquet flooring that customers can easily select according to their room size and structure. 

Oak Parquet Flooring

  • Oak is one of the types of parquet flooring. For its versatile nature, it is perfect for every design. 
  • This type of floor goes from the fashionable soft color to the dramatic dark finish.
  • Provide subtle boost to your wood surface but still retains a natural feel and look.

Walnut Parquet Flooring

This type of parquet will be

  • High end look
  • add a luxurious appeal to your place.
  • Complements the physical characteristics of the wood.
  • This fine line parquet type adds depth and interest to a space.

Chevron Parquet

  • This type of parquet block is cut at an angle at both ends, in contrast to other wood blocks with square ends.
  • This parquet type floor will have the classic zig zag pattern running along the floor.
  • Found in highly popular patterns, designs and styles.

Aged Parquet

  • Each block of this most popular parquet type creates soft and worn edges
  • It creates a convincingly antique or distressed look, 
  • It is sealed with a natural oil to produce a traditional looking floor with an authentic feel.
  • It has the elegance and charm of an original antique.
  • Add benefits of modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

The quality material used considers the following factors keeping in mind what you need. The sustainable material used to craft this quality flooring, provides the noise insulation for a quiet and peaceful environment in the house. Because of the durable material, the purpose of cleaning made easier. The dust and dirt resistant quality keeps the allergens at bay as it is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. On the other hand, the scratch resistant feature of the flooring keeps the floor sparkling for a long time.

You will get the comfort when installing this parquet flooring. The material not only gives an elegant look to your room but provides comfort and friction surface for a safe standing and walking preventing any kind of fall injuries. With the Parquet flooring, your floor seems to be different from the authentic flooring your house has, all because of vibrant styles and designs that can be made in a variety of  styles providing a perfect match to your décor. Along with style design and comfort, Parquet flooring also provides the restoration services to build a long-term relationship with the floor.