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wall to wall carpets

Wall To Wall Carpets


Wall-to-wall carpets have made a comeback like no other and are trending these days due to the immense benefits they provide. You get thermal qualities, beautiful acoustics, high levels of comfort and safety compared to hard surfaces. At Flooring Dubai, we offer high-quality wall-to-wall carpets for residential and commercial spaces at affordable prices. Our professional installation team can easily install these carpets in any room without hassle.

Wall to Wall Carpets for Every Space


Carpets are a great way to make an area aesthetically pleasing and express your design style. With our wide selection of wall-to-wall carpets featuring different designs, colors, materials, and aesthetics, there is something that caters to everyone here. No matter the space, the overall look of the wall-to-wall carpet is seamless and is perfect for large surface areas. We provide wall-to-wall carpeting for homes and big commercial spaces like hotels, corporate offices, schools, stores, etc.

Benefits of Wall to Wall Carpets


  • Style: You get a variety of colors to choose from and create your design style along the way when choosing wall-to-wall carpets. You can choose from modern or traditional ones depending on your home’s design style.
  • Comfort: In winters, they provide a warm cushion for your feet and keep the space cozy. Our high-end wall-to-wall carpets ensure no compromise on the comfort level. Good insulating wall-to-wall carpets won’t let the heat pass through them to the flooring, keeping your feet warm all the time.
  • Plushness: The soft and plush fabric of these carpets will de-stress your feet and provide a relaxing surface to walk on. Your body will release tension due to the soft, soothing effect of the carpet’s fabric.
  • Durability: Our exclusive collection of wall-to-wall carpets made with high-quality material ensures durability and longevity. The price point of these carpets depends upon the selection of fabric as silk will be higher priced while sisal will be budget-friendly.

Professional Installation and Carpet Fitting


Since our collection is made with high-quality material, finest yarns, anti-fire coating, and skilled craftsmanship, the fitting and installation require professional handling. Installing the carpet is crucial to ensure durability, so we advise bringing in professionals to do the job. Our expert team of carpet installers can easily do the deed within no time, so the carpet looks seamless and lasts a long time. They are highly reliable professionals who are up-to-date with the latest trends and materials. These are the factors we consider when installing a carpet:

  • Proper measurements and assessments of the area are done.
  • Our carpet fitting team carries all the tools and equipment.
  • They can properly remove the old flooring at an extra cost.
  • The installation price depends on the square meter area.
  • We provide easy and fast carpet installation services in Dubai and close-by areas.

wall to wall carpets

Why Choose Us?


  1. Affordable wall-to-wall carpets without compromising on quality.
  2. Large collection of carpets in different designs, styles, and colors.
  3. Customized wall-to-wall carpets are available.
  4. Anti-fire coating on carpets and rugs.
  5. Expert advice on the selection of carpets and professional installers is available.

One of the Best Selling Products


These are ‘fitted carpets’ that completely cover a room flooring with one single piece or multiple pieces. We offer a wide range of these carpets that differ in fabric type, design, color, comfort, acoustic properties, insulation, etc. From high-end silk wall-to-wall carpets for luxurious spaces to affordable sisal carpets, we cover a wide range. We can customize and make suggestions depending on your budget without compromising on the quality level. Depending on your requirement, budget and interior, our in-house expert team can suggest the perfect choice of wall-to-wall carpet for your home.


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