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vinyl floor skirtingVinyl Floor Skirting


In most cases, vinyl flooring requires skirting because of its poor dimensional stability, which needs large gaps to be left at the corners of walls. The lack of consistency in layer structure means they do not effectively reduce sound pressure. That’s why we recommend getting reliable vinyl floor skirting for your home and boosting the overall aesthetics. We provide vinyl floor skirting that is flexible and conforms to the contours of the wall. It involves applying adhesive to the wall to attach 100mm skirting.

What is Vinyl Floor Skirting? 

As opposed to the conventional glue-down method, modern vinyl floors click together and ‘float’. Vinyl flooring is designed so that it can move freely as a whole. Thus, little gaps are typically left at the perimeters of the flooring to provide it with space to expand. Vinyl skirting may appear to be an insignificant aspect of a home’s interior design. Although we cannot emphasize how important it is.

vinyl floor skirting

Key Benefits of Vinyl Floor Skirting

Before you decide to get Vinyl floor skirting installed, check out the key benefits associated with it: 

  • Protects the wall

Did you ever notice that old furniture leaves behind a mark on the walls? Look closely at the marked areas, and you will find no skirtings installed in those areas. The vinyl skirting works as a functional barrier between a piece of furniture, the floor, and the wall. A protective barrier like this ensures your wall’s long-term stability.

  • Serves as a barrier between wet mops and walls

If you are constantly rubbing a wet mop against your walls, you will end up with ugly wet patches! Floor skirting prevents wet spots from appearing on the wall when mopping the floor. It serves as a solid barrier between your mop and the wall.

  • Fills in gaps between floor & wall

The flooring in some houses may appear to have been installed improperly, as there are visible gaps between it and the wall. Before you blame your contractor for the gaps, know that the gaps were intentionally made so the flooring could expand or contract.

Skirting helps to mask these tiny gaps and prevents water from seeping into the floor. A floor skirting made of fully waterproof vinyl will prevent your floors and walls from being damaged by humidity. It is also resistant to termites due to its vinyl material.

vinyl floor skirting

Enhances a home’s beauty

The addition of floor skirting to an otherwise plain wall can give the space a much-needed boost. It is considered a highlight of a house’s interior if done adequately. Since there are so many colors and designs of PVC and vinyl floor skirting products, one can definitely mix and match the design with the theme of their home.

Why Choose Vinyl Floor Skirting from Flooring Dubai? 

With a full range of vinyl flooring skirting, we ensure to meet the unique needs of any customer. Our team of professionals understands that the right equipment, experience, and knowledge are crucial to ensuring proper floor installation or maintenance. Moreover, skirting can be a variety of colors, styles, and materials.

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