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Rubber Flooring – Don’t Wait, Just Buy

Although rubber floors are traditionally found in schools, gyms, and hospitals, you can now find them in many commercial locations, including homes. The aesthetic alternatives for rubber flooring have greatly increased. The upkeep of rubber floors has a learning curve. If you know what you’re doing, you can extend the life of your floor and benefit from its inherent ability to keep itself clean. When establishing your strategy, you should consider several variables, including the type of rubber, the volume of traffic, the climate, and the maintenance budget.

The Best Places To Use Rubber Flooring

The most common industries for rubber flooring are healthcare, fitness, and education. What is common in them? In areas with heavy traffic, all three locations demand enhanced safety elements. Rubber is up to par. Interior designers must consider safety, comfort, sound, and high traffic when designing spaces for schools where hundreds of kids are constantly racing through the hallways and frequently tripping over stairs! Due to these requirements, rubber is a highly common option. Rubber flooring is popular in health clubs and gyms due to its safety advantages and impact absorption. rubber-flooring

Rubber can hold up under the weight of big machinery because of how it is made; rubber can absorb the shock of dropping weights and still recover. When everyone is sweating during hot yoga, and the floor is getting sprayed with sweat or water bottles that have spilt, its moisture resistance is helpful. Rubber is highly common in hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices, from patient rooms to cafeterias. You’ve won when you combine superb acoustics of rubber flooring with impact resistance compared to other hard surfaces, durability, and maintenance benefits!

 How Can Rubber Flooring Be Cleaned And Maintained?

One of the rubber’s best maintenance features is self-migrating wax. Natural wax found in rubber slowly and steadily rises to the floor’s surface. It means that rubber flooring already waxes. Therefore you don’t need to apply any! An auto scrubber’s microfiber pads spread the wax while keeping the rubber clean. Chemical cleaning products need to be carefully chosen because of this natural wax. For instance, using a solvent to clean could cause the rubber’s natural wax to break down. Strong chemicals are not required to maintain rubber cleanliness. Rubber Flooring

We advise using warm water alone or neutral cleaning diluted with warm water. Auto scrubbers, mops, and other cleaning equipment all require cleaning pads. They make direct contact with the ground. The kind of cleaning pad we advise using depends on the rubber type and cleaning intensity required. The best options are typically microfibre pads. A conventional flat pad might function well on a smooth surface, but an embossed or textured floor with obvious seams and transitions does not. Microfiber cleaning pads are advised in the latter scenario so that fibers can reach into the cracks of the embossing.

Why Choose Rubber Flooring From Flooring Dubai?

Some of the top rubber floors in the world are available in Dubai flooring. Designing floors using rubber can be advantageous because it offers improved acoustics, safety, comfort, durability, and lifespan. More locations are incorporating this material. Please get in touch with a Flooring Dubai representative immediately if you’re interested in learning more about how rubber can be personalized for your area.
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