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Persian carpet – select your choice

Persian carpets are handwoven on a loom, so one of the most important features to look out for is the knot count. Quality Persian carpets Dubai and Persian carpets Abu Dhabi will have at least 120 knots per square inch. To at least feign the appearance of Persian carpets connoisseur in front of the seller, flip it over and look at the knots from the underside. You’re not expected to count them, but the back of a carpet has much to say. Also Persian carpets online by are one will have a soft backing with a few bigger knots, a clear testimony to being woven by hand, whereas a machine-made one will raise an eyebrow due to its knot uniformity.

Handwoven Persian carpets

Our Handwoven Persian carpets for sale are typically made of wool, silk, or a wool-silk blend. The 100% pure silk Persian carpets are quite fine and have a shiny finish. Wool, on the other hand, is the most commonly used material. The quality depends on the breed of sheep, the climate, pasturage, and time of shearing. Don’t mistake these two quality flame-resistant materials for the synthetic fibers of machine-made carpets, which are highly flammable and tend to give off lint.

Traditional Persian carpets

Traditional Persian carpets are made from natural dyes, so you want to look for colors that seem to come from nature: cochineal insects for reds, the indigo plant for blues, and pomegranate rind for shades of yellow. Synthetic dyes tend to penetrate the fiber evenly, whereas natural dyes will coat the surface. Bend the carpet to isolate a few threads, and if you notice a subtle unevenness, then you know you’re dealing with natural colors.

What do we offer?

Material brings you the quality hand woven Persian carpets online and also offers Persian carpets for sale made of either silk wool blend or purely wool or silk.

Traditional look 

The Persian carpets crafted traditionally creates a more natural ambiance in the room giving a closer look to its origins.

Ultimate benefits  

The Persian carpets Dubai made with attentive details not only provides a long-lasting durable advantage to your home but the investment for it gains value as the time passes resulting in sentimental attachments.


Persian carpets Abu Dhabi create an aesthetic ambiance in the room as they well demonstrate the Earth’s natural environment.

Easy to deal with

When it comes to maintenance is known for its quality material which is easy to handle and our Persian carpets online is easy to clean and maintain extending its life giving your space the fresh look and comfort for a long time.

Quality service believes in making a good rapport with their customers for which the requisitions of our customers are the top priority. We have the experts available that benefit our customers by helping them out with the various choices of Persian carpets Dubai available. 

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