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Hand Tufted Carpets

Hand tufted carpets – A look you need at your place

The right carpet can dramatically improve a room’s overall appearance by connecting the furniture and accessories into a cohesive style. Carpets can also help hardwood or tile floors look and feel cozy, and they can prevent furniture from scratching flooring. Choosing a high-quality, hand tufted carpets by flooring-dubai .ae can ensure your home’s décor is unique and a true reflection of your personal design style. Generally, there are hand tufted. 

Furthermore,  some surface options of hand tufted carpets include loop pile, cut-pile or a combination of the two

Qualities we offer

Our custom hand tufted carpets are our most popular carpet as they provide a high quality, uniform look within a rapid. 

  • They are durable and long lasting 
  • These carpets are Easy to clean
  • Are available in pure wool, in any of our designs. 
  • We are also able to translate your own designs, in any of the materials 
  • Our hand tufted carpets can be made to any size and shape, in varying thicknesses and there is no limitations to shape or size, we offer standard size and perfect shape but if this could not be up to your requirements, we make these carpets on custom. 

How we produce hand tufted carpets?

Hand tufted carpets Dubai and hand tufted carpet Abu Dhabi are produced by punching individual yarns through a fabric sheet using a device called a tufting gun. Once the hand tufted carpets has been completed a second fabric is glued to the back to hold the yarns in place. Hand tufted carpets required more time to produce, generally contain higher quality materials and can be more detailed. However, because they are looked at as a step up to machine made products at a modest premium they also tend to lack detail, are a compromise in materials, and if not finished correctly may have durability issues.

hand tufted carpet Dubai and hand tufted carpet Abu Dhabi are the cream of the carpet world. These hand tufted carpets are produced using ancient techniques, have unlimited design and color variations and may have investment value in years to come. hand tufted carpets are made on a vertical frame called a hand knotting loom. Columns of threads are stretched from the top to the of the loom. These are called the warp threads and are the foundation of the carpets. They also form the fringe ends of the carpets and are very important to its longevity.

Services flooring-dubai.ae offers?

To give hand tufted carpet Abu Dhabi, a touch of elegance, we have specialized and expertise who work using finishing techniques. These techniques include carving, random shearing, beveling, recessing and embossing.

Our experts can also use a combination of surface levels to create a high degree of sculpting which giving off three-dimensional effects with the addition of an extra impressive factor to finished hand tufted carpet Dubai.

We have the latest computer-aided designing software which is done after completing the design process.  The custom design of hand tufted carpet Dubai will be sent to one of our skilled and experienced designers to render the design into a scaled production-ready format.

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