Cork linolum

Benefits of cork linoleum

Looking for flooring with versatile design, color, theme and pattern? Cork linoleum is a resilient flooring possibility that’s turning into a lot of fashionable due to its green advantages, softness, sound, and heat insulating characteristics, and distinctive look. though classified as resilient flooring. Cork linoleums have several of similar characteristics as wood flooring with relevant handling, cork linoleum installation and finishing. The manufacturing process of cork flooring is another plus point as it generates almost no waste. This type of flooring is said to be a byproduct and is widely made available in two types of finishes. For instances,

  • polyurethane/acrylic-based 
  • water based. Polyurethane/acrylic 

These finishes will protect the flooring better and are a bit tougher. Water-based finishes are the best, also less likely to yellow with exposure to light and are also more environmentally friendly. There are many places where you could buy cork linoleum. This flooring being famous in the flooring market, there are a variety of cork linoleum that you would wish for.

  1. This flooring is durable, resists cracking and abrasions
  2. Cork linoleum is impermeable to gas and liquid. 
  3. This flooring is helpful and can be bounced back, so indentations caused by furniture won’t be permanent. 
  4. When this flooring is properly maintained, it will be for more than 40 years.
  5. Cork is said to be a healthy flooring as it is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and termites. 
  6. Cork is an antimicrobial flooring and does not affect indoor air quality.
  7. This flooring is fire-resistant and will only melt at very high temperatures. Before and during combustion, 
  8. Cork is said to be a friendly flooring as it generates less smoke and releases far less toxic material than other flooring types.
  9. When you need comfortable flooring, no one is better than cork as it offers a comfortable cushion underfoot.
  10. Cork has a feature to make the room naturally warm and quiet because this flooring naturally carries thermal and acoustic insulators.
  11. Cork linoleum is aesthetically versatile. This flooring is available in many stylish tiles and planks with interesting colors and sizes. 
  12. You can create a nontraditional effect by using planks. It will create an almost seamless looking floor. You can use tiles in single or alternating colors
  13. The pattern and color of the cork penetrate the thickness of the material the same as vinyl does. That is the reason they are retained as it wears and lengthens the durability and longevity of the flooring.
  14. When it is about budget, these water-based finishes are a bit more expensive than the counterparts of polyurethane/acrylic.

Moreover, this flooring is best and used as surface flooring. For an underlayment for hardwood, laminate and ceramic tiles, cork can be used and reduce the room noise. Instead of standard soap and water treatment, damp scrubbing is a healthier option. No matter what you’d use on a hardwood floor can typically work for cork. Treat cork linoleum flooring with a sealer each three to four years to forestall scratches and stop wet from penetrating seams between tiles.